The Palo Alto bubble

Although living in Palo Alto provides residents with the epitome of ideals, there is one significant disadvantage, being what is known as "the Palo Alto bubble". Before living somewhere other than Palo Alto, I was relatively unaware of the magnitude of the phenomenon. As I observed the lifestyle of those belonging to a range of cultures, the meaning of "the Palo Alto bubble" became evident to me. I now recognize the isolation and seclusion that the majority of Palo Altans experience due to the exemplary conditions that we live in. I took this photo in a small store downtown, and did not notice that the light system was in the form of skylights until I had been photographing for several minutes. This reflects the oblivion that many Palo Altans hold towards other communities. The image itself represents almost a literal bubble. The complete darkness can correlate to the unknown, being other cultures and ways of living, while the circle of sky centered in the image highlights the perfectionism of Palo Alto and its residents.

Audrey Joachim
Palo Alto  2018


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